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Office of the Professions #2


Clinical Laboratory Technologist & Clinical Laboratory Technician License Requirements

Certified Clinical Laboratory Technician

At this time, the Standard Pathway is the only one available to apply for a New York State certified clinical laboratory technician license. You must document that you meet the education requirements outlined below.

Standard Pathway Education Requirements

You must document that you have received an Associate's or higher degree for certified clinical laboratory technician (or a related title) from:

  • a program registered by the Department as licensure qualifying at the time of graduation (A list of licensure-qualifying programs can be found on the Inventory of Registered Programsunder "CLIN LAB TECHN"); or
  • a program that is determined by the Department to be the substantial equivalent of a registered program for certified clinical laboratory technician that is accredited by an acceptable accrediting agency or recognized by the appropriate civil authorities of the jurisdiction in which the program is offered as a program to prepare individuals for professional practice as certified clinical laboratory technicians.

You must submit, or have submitted on your behalf, the following items and forms to document that you meet these requirements.

  • Form 1 and $263 fee for licensure and first registration
  • Form 2 (and official transcript(s) for ALL college coursework completed if you graduated from a program that was not registered as licensure qualifying in New York State at the time of your attendance. We also require a detailed program syllabus or other supplementary documentation to determine whether studies meet the Substantial Equivalence requirements, as outlined below.)
  • Form 3 (only if you hold, or ever held, a professional license/certificate outside of New York State)
  • Form 5 and $50 limited permit fee (if you intend to practice in New York State under the general supervision of a Clinical Laboratory Director after you meet the education requirements and before you pass the licensing exam)
  • Substantial Equivalence

    For a program to be determined substantially equivalent to a registered clinical laboratory technician program, it must:

    1. be a program leading to an associate or higher degree which contains didactic and clinical education that integrates pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical components of laboratory services, including the principles and practices of quality assurance/ quality improvement;
    2. include coursework, which shall include a laboratory component in each area, in each of the following subject areas or their equivalent as determined by the department:
      1. inorganic chemistry;
      2. clinical chemistry;
      3. physiology, with anatomy content;
      4. microbiology, including clinical microbiology;
      5. immunology and serology;
      6. hematology/ hemostasis;
      7. clinical microscopy, including body fluids; and
      8. immunohematology;
    3. include curricular content in each of the following subject areas or their equivalent as determined by the department:
      1. statistics;
      2. infection control and universal precautions; and
      3. ethics; and
    4. include a supervised clinical experience of at least 30 hours per week for at least 10 weeks (i.e. 300 hours) or its equivalent as determined by the department, in the practice of clinical laboratory technician, which provides the student with clinical experience that includes but is not limited to: hematology, hemostasis, immunohematology, immunology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis/body fluids, and clinical microbiology.

Please note that we cannot accept a program's recognition by a national professional accrediting body (i.e. National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences – NAACLS) in lieu of an individual review of the program content to determine if the New York State coursework requirements have been met.

Additional Educational Requirements

For all pathways to licensure, in addition to meeting the specified education requirements, you must also certify that you have reviewed the laws, rules and regulations of the New York State Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services listed below, relating to practice as a clinical laboratory technologist/certified clinical laboratory technician in New York State. By signing your Application for Licensure (Form 1), you will be certifying that you are generally familiar with the specified rules and regulations and where to locate specific information you may need; you are not required to have a detailed knowledge of all the material.

Applicants should be familiar with the following general rules and regulations of any clinical laboratory, as well as rules and standards of specific relevance to areas of testing and reporting in which they are or expect to be engaged

New York State Public Health Law and Regulations

The laws, rules and regulations listed below can be accessed on the Web External Link Icon

  • Article V, Title V Clinical Laboratory and Blood Banking Services
  • Article 31 Human Blood and Transfusion Services
  • Article 27F HIV and AIDS Related Information
  • Article 43-B, Organ, Tissue, and Body Parts
  • Article V, Title VI Laboratory Business Practices
  • Section 79.1 of the New York State Civil Rights Law, Confidentiality of Genetic Testing
  • Part 19 of 10 (NYCRR) Clinical Laboratory Directors
  • Subpart 34-2 of 10 (NYCRR) Laboratory Business Practices
  • Subpart 58-1 of 10 (NYCRR) Clinical Laboratories
  • Subpart 58-2 of 10 (NYCRR) Blood Banking
  • Subpart 58-5 of 10 (NYCRR) Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Banks
  • Subpart 58-8 of 10 (NYCRR) Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Testing
  • Subpart 63 of 10 (NYCRR) AIDS/HIV Testing, Reporting and Confidentiality

Federal Laws and Regulations

The laws and regulations listed below can be accessed on the Web at External Link Icon

  • Current CLIA Regulations
  • Part 493 Laboratory Requirements

Examination Requirements

You must pass The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification's examination for Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) for licensure as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist and Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) for licensure as a Certified Clinical Laboratory Technician with a converted score of at least 75 as determined by the State Board for Clinical Laboratory Technology. New York State does not accept any of ASCP’s international or specialty exams.

Please note that we cannot consider an applicant meeting a professional membership organization's requirements (i.e. ASCP), which often allow for other types of training and experience, as the sole basis of licensure. We contract with ASCP solely for their examination, so if an applicant has taken the appropriate ASCP exam after September 1, 2001, we can consider that exam, but the applicant must still meet all other New York State licensure requirements, including education.


To be eligible to sit for the examination you must:

  • Apply for licensure, pay the fee for licensure and first registration and submit all supporting documentation; and
  • meet the education requirements as stated in statute.

When the Department has determined your eligibility, we will send you a letter informing you of your eligibility. Your next step is to complete the ASCP State Licensure Application Found online External Link Icon. You will receive an admission letter with a phone number from the ASCP Board of Certification for scheduling your appointment to take the examination for medical laboratory scientist or for medical laboratory technician. You should schedule an appointment to take the examination within the assigned three month examination period. More information is available External Link Icon.

The examination is administered by:

ASCP Board of Registry
33 West Monroe Street, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: 1-800-267-2727
Fax: 312-541-4845

Reasonable Testing Accommodations

If you have a disability and may require reasonable testing accommodations for the examinations, please contact the ASCP Board of Registry for information.

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